DUO DUO: Dreaming has always been important to me since I was a child because in my dreams I can do things that are unimaginable during daytime. I have three dreams, which I don’t really know how to explain. It’s nice to have a chance to do that today. I often dream about the universe, spaceships and things like that. My classmates tell me that I watch too many science-fiction movies, but I don’t think that’s true because I have a different feeling in the dreams than when I watch a movie. The dreams always feel very real and true. I often dream about spaceships flying directly in front of my eyes and doing all sorts of manoeuvres. Sometimes I feel that there are beings from different civilizations who are speaking to me. Once I dreamt that there was a spaceship right in front of me. I wanted to climb into it and in fact I did, but there was nobody inside. The spaceship itself was talking to me and telling me it would bring me far away to another galaxy, so I went with it. When I reached the other planet, I saw that everyone was dressed in white and the place was very clean, there was no dirt at all, anywhere. I liked the place so much that I wanted to bring my parents as well. The spaceship took me back to earth to get my parents and then we went back to that planet. But I don’t remember anything about the life on that planet. I also dream a lot about stars, I see them just in front of my nose, very real and very close, but I can never touch them. Sometimes I also dream about hurricanes. That’s very strange.
    As a kid I was always afraid of watching horror movies because I once had a dream that scared me very much. One night I was staying at home alone, my parents had gone out. I was sleeping and suddenly I saw a man in a white gown standing in front of me. I tried to turn over to get rid of him. Then I heard a woman’s voice saying my name, very clearly, it was as if the voice was moving through the room. I got scared and woke up. The next day I though about this dream for a long time.
    Old people say that dreams come from memory and from association of what we have done during the day. But had I never thought about things like that during daytime, things like ghosts or the souls of the dead. Later, whenever I dreamt about something like that I would remind myself that it was just a dream. Then at one point I stopped having such dreams, and I was no longer afraid. My grandparents died when my father was very young. I have a wedding photo of them in my room. I think they loved my father very much, and I love my father a lot. I never met my grandparents but I love them very much.
    When I was in primary school my mother was very strict with me. I also have a strong personality, I think what other people can do, I can do as well. But I wasn’t good in mathematics, so when the time came for me to take the entry exam for middle school, my grades weren’t very good and my parents were disappointed with me. My father wasn’t strict with me, he is a very kind person, but at that time he sometimes looked dejected, so I felt a lot of pressure and stress. About two months before the exam, I had a dream about my grandparents. They were wearing white clothes and had their backs turned towards me so I couldn’t see their faces. They told me that I was the oldest child in our family and everything I did would influence my cousins, so I had to believe in myself. They said that my family was a good one and everyone had the ability, so I could make it as well. I asked them if I could see their faces because I had never met them. They said no, because they didn’t want to scare me. This dream influenced me a lot. I suddenly became pretty good in mathematics, maybe also because I made a huge effort in it. In the end I got good results and my family was happy as well.