LI HONG LI: Once I dreamt that I quit my job and went back to school in my hometown. I liked going to school very much. In the dream I was walking on a mountain road with a schoolbag on my back. The landscape around me was actually rather scary, I didn’t know where I was. My mother and my grandmother were there as well, they tried to stop me from going to school. I was very nervous, there was nobody else there, everything was unfamiliar to me, I was terrified. But I had a strong desire to go to school. I got more and more nervous, finally I started to cry, I also screamed something. My roommates woke up because I was actually screaming in my sleep. The day after I had this dream, I couldn’t go to school, I felt very depressed.
    I’m from the province Hebei. I work for a factory that makes underwear. The day has 24 hours and I work eleven and a half hours every day. It’s very exhausting and I have very little time for myself. Sometimes I wash my clothes or do something else. I enjoy reading very much, I always have a book besides my pillow, and I have a lot of books next to my bed. I read as much as I can. Apart from reading, I like to go shopping with my colleagues, we go out and buy little things to eat. I read and work every day, those two things make up my daily life. There is no TV set in our factory so we can’t watch TV. In the morning when I wake up I brush my teeth and wash my face, go outside to do some jogging, then I have breakfast and after that I go to work. After lunch, I do some reading and then go back to work for the afternoon shift. I don’t usually eat dinner, I use as much time as possible for reading. At 9 p.m. I go back to my dormitory, brush my teeth and wash my face, and then I continue reading. Sometimes I fall asleep without putting down the book, then the next day in the morning I cannot find it. This is my life. Very simple.