LIU JIANG: Lately I’m often sleepless at night, and when I do fall asleep I dream a lot. I’ve always had trouble sleeping since I grew up. Once I dreamt that I was a successful man, I was at a party at a hotel, there were many famous people around me. In the dream I was a person with a bad family background who had finally become a successful man in society. I think this dream is a reflection of my wish, I always wanted to be someone. But the night I had this dream it was raining and water was dripping down from the ceiling because I was living on the top floor. The water started dripping on my head and I woke up before the dream finished.
    At that time I felt that my reality was very different from the dream. I decided that at least I had to find a place to live where the rain wouldn’t leak into the house. That was my biggest wish. Now things have changed, a house is not enough for me now. I need economic freedom. I’m always striving for what I saw in this dream. I studied medicine but I didn’t graduate. During my medical internship I started working for an investment company. I wanted to get into the finance business so I could realize my dream more easily.
    Actually people usually don’t know much about medicine as a career. I think it’s pretty tiresome and economically not very rewarding. I could have graduated soon but with the salary of a doctor I think I couldn’t have afforded to buy a house for the next ten years. So I wanted to change my profession to realize my dream. I dropped out of medical school and started working for a company. I’m not afraid of difficulties, I don’t mind hard work, the only thing I’m afraid of is that I might choose the wrong way and not realize my dream, even though I try very hard.
    Larry Ellison, the CEO of Oracle Corporation, he is my idol. He also dropped out of medical school and now he is very successful. He founded Oracle and he likes adventure. He once broke his chest while skiing. I admire him very much, he inspires me to learn. I don’t think that dropping out of medical school was a big thing, I just chose a different road. My father used to be the director of a state-owned farm. Later the enterprise went bankrupt. He started his own business and he did quite well. My family was in a pretty good situation for some time. But during the crisis in 1997 we lost everything. I was used to not having to worry about anything, but since then I’ve been under great pressure. I was young at that time but I’m still carrying that shadow. So at one point I said to myself, I must make sure that my family won’t have a bitter life in the future. That’s why I dropped out of medical school. Ever since I was 16, I wanted to have my own company. I think that’s the way to realize my dream.