LIANG JIAN GUO: I had an accident at work on January 6, 2007. After I finished working that day, my heart started beating irregularly. I went to a pharmacy and then to a hospital where they gave me some medicine. That night I had a dream, I dreamt of my mother and of two four feet tall giants. It was dark, I couldn’t see very well. The giants said they didn’t want me anymore, they would leave, and my mother also said she would leave me. I ran after them, I was crying. Then I woke up and I was actually crying. The next day, my body felt much better and I was more relaxed. But my head isn’t working well, sometimes I can’t think clearly.
    I came to Shenzhen in 1995. I’m a welder, I’ve always worked in that profession. In 2005, the company I was working for went bankrupt, so I went to work in another factory, for one year. My job was to weld car parts. One day, I was working on a chassis and accidentally some acetylene gas got sprayed into my mouth. Three days later, while I was working on the same chassis, I accidentally burnt my chest. I had to pay all the costs for the medical treatment myself, until now they haven’t paid me anything back. The relative government office is still trying to resolve this.