LIU WEI BIN: Yesterday I had an interesting dream. I dreamt I went somewhere to have fun and on the way back I wanted to catch a bus, I was full of energy, I jumped on the bus very quickly. I still remember how I used to catch the bus after work, that’s why I had this dream. Then I dreamt of going to a park with some friends, we were going around in a rowing boat and having a good time. I actually went out a few days ago, maybe that evoked earlier memories.
    I live alone. I can take care of myself even though I’m blind. Sometimes in my dreams I see images from the past, from when I wasn’t blind. My life is all right, it’s ok. Once I went to climb a mountain at the Summer Palace, my legs got really tired but in the end I reached the top. The view was beautiful, I saw the Tower of Buddhist Incense and other temples, we had a good time there. Then I dreamt about rowing a boat. It was a lot of fun but somehow I fell into the water. I can’t swim so I thought I would drown. Then suddenly I was back in the boat again, I don’t know how. Then the dream was over.
    Thirty years ago I wasn’t blind. I was working. My workmates and I had to go to Xin Jie Kou Street to catch the bus every day, so I still remember that very well. I often dream about catching the bus and going to work. I worked in construction, building houses. I even helped to build a bomb shelter, it was 10 meters deep. That was in Xin Jie Kou Street, in 1974. There was a kid from our place, he was always causing trouble. Once we had a rest during lunchtime, all the other had left the construction site, only I had stayed there. The kid was playing around with the winch and he got it working, that was very dangerous, I yelled at him and ran over to the winch to hit the brake. I was relieved that nothing had happened, but this could have caused a bid accident, the winch could have dragged the other machines off the bomb shelter. I still remember this incident and sometimes I dream about it.
    When I wasn’t blind, I was a casual worker. At the time my mother died, I was selling toys at the back door of Hebeihai Park. I still have the license from that time. Life was all right then, I could maintain myself. In 1982 I met my wife through a friend of mine, and we married. With my wife, my life became much better. But the good days didn’t last very long, after 7 or 8 years she died of cancer. I was alone again. I know how to cook, I learnt it when I was a child, so I can take care of myself. My life is alright, I don’t feel it’s very difficult.