MOTHER: My daughter was infected with AIDS when she got a blood transfusion. Our family used to be full of joy. My daughter is very good at school, we had a very happy life. The diagnosis was made on March 15, 2008. Since then our life has changed.
    REN ZHI: I had a dream a few days ago while I was in the Lou Yang hospital. I was very sick. I dreamt about a group of kids and myself, we were wearing white clothes and were flying up in the sky. We reached a cliff and tried to fly around it. Then a lot of colourful lights suddenly came out of the cliff, it was very beautiful. One of the other kids asked me to fly faster, I turned my head around, it seemed I was hurt. Then I woke up.
    These days, I start dreaming as soon as I fall asleep. I often dream about going to school. I dream that I’m in the classroom with my classmates and our teacher is telling us something, or I’m playing with my classmates.
    I used to go to school every day in the morning. I’d come home for lunch and then I’d go back to school again. I was very happy.
    Now I have to see a doctor every day.