WANG YAN JUN: I work for an insurance company. It’s not exactly a relaxed job, but it’s not too stressful either. I had this dream a very long time ago. That night I went to bed rather late. In the dream I got out of my body and floated around the house, through all the different rooms. I could look at my own body from above, that was a strange experience. I thought my soul had separated from the body and was floating in the air. It was a very strange dream. I felt very clearly that I was not in my body.
    In another dream I could fly like Superman, I could fly up in the sky and even into outer space. I could look at the earth from space, like an astronaut. I felt a lot of peace at that moment. I also flew to Mount Tai. There was a small temple on top of the mountain, actually there is no temple on Mount Tai but in my dream there was one. It was quite small and very old. There was a book inside the temple, I picked it up and read in it. I also saw an eagle flying by. It was an amazing dream. I still remember it very clearly.
    Another night I dreamt that I was at a construction site, and suddenly I lost balance and fell into the pit. The feeling was very realistic. It was a very deep pit, I fell and fell and fell, deep down into the earth. In the other dream I flew high up in the sky, and in this one I fell very deep. That’s a huge contrast.
    I started working at the insurance company because of a coincidence. I had been working at a shopping mall, that was my first job, but then the mall went bankrupt and we all had to find ourselves a different job. By pure chance, I saw that the insurance company was looking for employees, so I went there and I liked it. I’ve been working for that company for more than ten years now. I’m quite happy with this job and with my life in general, I don’t feel my life is empty or meaningless. For the first four years I was a front-line salesman, but now I’m working in the back office. During those first four years I had to deal with a lot of different people, and I helped them get an insurance and gain more security. I feel good about that. I see these people coming to our company and getting the security they are looking for, and that still gives me a lot of satisfaction.