YAN LIN SHAN: I had this dream when I was very little. During the day, I used to play with other kids and some of them had bicycles. Sometimes they would take me on a ride and we had a great time, so I thought it would be so nice if one day I could have good eyes like they had. That was my greatest wish, and I often dreamt that I had a pair of good eyes. I could see like everybody else and I was riding my bike with my friends.
    After I got a job, some of my workmates and I always went home on a company bus after work, and sometimes we would talk to the driver because we thought it must be great to know how to drive. Our job was quite stressful and we didn’t sleep very well. I often woke up again right after falling asleep, I spent the night half awake and half asleep. During that time, I dreamt I was driving a bus, I knew how to drive and how to move the steering wheel, how to hit the brake, how to shift gears, when to blow the horn, everything. When I woke up, I realized it was just a dream, not reality.
    I find dreams very interesting. People say that you dream about the things you are thinking about. But I never though about being a driver. Maybe I had the dream because I was working too hard, or because I wasn’t sleeping well. Or maybe because I was taking the bus every day, so somehow I imagined that I was driving the bus myself. At first it was just imagination, then it became true in my dream, but in the end it was just a dream when I woke up.
    Now I don’t work anymore, I just stay at home. Sometimes I go out to buy food or other things I need. Sometimes I go to the disabled centre to play computer games, listen to music, read books for blind people, or do other things. On Saturdays, I sometimes go there to listen to a movie. In the mornings, I go out for a walk. That’s my life.