YU SU FEN: I had this dream when I was a child. I dreamt about a wild, open grassland in the countryside. Japanese battle planes were flying above us in the sky, they were chasing us. I was with some other kids, we were running hard, but we were not afraid, we were running and having fun. There weren’t any trees, so we had nowhere to hide. I said, “Let’s pretend we are rabbits.” So we put on rabbit fur and rabbit’s feet, we were laughing, we had a lot of fun. Suddenly there were some bushes, they had rather small leaves so they didn’t offer much protection but we tried to hide inside them. We saw the Japanese planes, they were flying very low. The pilots didn’t look that fierce, they looked just like the other soldiers I had seen where I grew up. One of them shouted at us: “Don’t hide, I’ve seen you!” Then I woke up.
    I’m a kindergarten teacher. I grew up in the army and now I work in the army, teaching the soldiers’ children. I think I’m an outgoing person, I have a good relationship with my colleagues and with my family and my husband’s parents. I like to go on holiday with my family, I always try to bring together many other family members. When I go out to have fun or when I’m going to eat some nice food, I always want to bring my family along. I don’t mind paying a lot of money, I’m happy as long as they are happy. When I go out on my own, I don’t enjoy myself that much. Then I’ll try to bring my family next time.
    I like working with kids. I think I treat them well. I think when I’ll have a child myself, I will understand them even better. Kids cannot control themselves very well, for example when they need to take a pee, or when they’re eating. Maybe they spill the food and make a mess, but I never scold them for that, I’m patient with them, I always try to do my best. A lot of people around me say they want to quit their jobs. Some of them are in the military and they earn a lot of money. But I don’t want to quit my job, I would feel very bad if I couldn’t work anymore because my job gives me a lot of fun. Sometimes my boss doesn’t understand me, or there is some conflict with my colleagues, and that makes me feel unhappy. In my family I don’t feel unhappy very often. My husband is quite stubborn, sometimes he says things that make me angry, but he has a lot of pressure in his job and his anger doesn’t last for long. I don’t usually take revenge, maybe I won’t cook for him, that’s the way I punish him. He always feels sorry afterwards, though he doesn’t say anything, but I can tell from his behaviour. He treats me very nice.