ZHANG GONG YOU: I used to dream a lot about my ex-girlfriend. We were together for seven years, but in the end we split up. After that, I dreamt about her very often, about the time we spent together, some fragments and experiences of our relationship. Once I dreamt she was seriously ill, she looked pale and helpless. I was very worried about her in the dream and when I woke up the next day, I went to see her. That was in 2000. But she was actually just fine, her job was going well, everything was on the right track. We had a nice talk and she thanked me for my concern. I told her about my dream. Later, I dreamt that she was doing very well at work. She got promoted in her job, she felt good about her work and her economic situation also improved a lot. Then I heard that in real life, she was also doing very well. I felt a bit dejected because of that, and also a bit ashamed of myself because I’ve been working for many years but I haven’t reached that level yet. As time went by, I dreamt less and less about her. Now I always dream about my kids. I never dream about my job, no matter how high the pressure is.
    I’d like to retire early, maybe around 45 or 50. Then I want to go to the countryside and lead a different life, far from the city, in a beautiful landscape, with mountains and water, I want to cultivate my mind and spirit, read books and listen to music. A life without worries, that would be my ideal life.
    I’m here from Chongqing, I grew up here. I spent my childhood in the town of Wansheng, there I went to middle school and high school. In 1987, I joined the army and stayed there for several years, until 1991. Then I started working at the post office, for the Express Mail Service. That’s where I’m still working today. They are working hard to improve their quality and to develop a global network and professional attitude. I hope one day we’ll be the fifth biggest mail delivery company in the world.