MU CHUN: I had a strange dream the night before the Dragon Boat Festival. In the dream I could fly. It was a very dark night and I was flying through the darkness. I flew to my hometown and landed there. The people from my hometown admired me a lot; they thought I must be a magician or something like that. Why else could I fly and they couldn’t? They wanted to see me fly again so they followed me. I tried again and I started lifting off a little but with my feet still touching the ground. They were very much impressed.
    Then I wanted to try to fly with only my toes touching the ground. I flew around like that for a while, I don’t know for how long. Suddenly I came to a temple, which was very strange looking, rather frightening. I went inside and there was an old monk. He asked me why I had come there. I said I didn’t know. He asked me some other questions, for example whether I had been unlucky recently. I said: “Yes, I have. I’m always unlucky.” He asked me: “Why don’t you burn some incense and pray?” I told him I didn’t believe in those things. “Why don’t you try?” he said. I turned around and started flying as I had done before, with my toes touching the ground. But all of a sudden I fell and then I woke up.
    When I woke up, I found myself under my bed! I couldn’t believe it. The next day when I remembered this dream, I couldn’t make any sense of it. I had never had a dream like that before. That day I bought a lottery ticket and I got 3 matches, so I won 30 Yuan. That was very weird. Did I suddenly have better luck? I had never won anything in the lottery before and had already given up believing that I would ever win. I didn’t even tell my wife anymore that I was playing the lottery.
    That day on my way home I saw that there was a lottery drawing on Panyu Square. I wanted to play again, so I went there with my wife and children and bought tickets for all of us. When they called out the winning tickets, at first it seemed we hadn’t won anything. I was very disappointed and was already about to leave, but then suddenly the last ticket I had bought was called out as the winner of the third prize! I felt so happy that day. I had never won the lottery, and then suddenly on the day of the Dragon Boat Festival I won it twice! My wife bought lottery tickets a few days later but she didn’t win anything. I find that very funny.
    I think this dream was a turning point in my life. I feel much less pressure than before. It seems as if everything is going much more smoothly now. I think dreams can sometimes tell the truth. I’ve heard old people say that dreams are always the opposite of reality, and sometimes that may be so. For example, in my dream I could fly, but in real life I can’t. Sometimes I dream that I die, and then in the morning I wake up. Dreams are always strange and we shouldn’t always believe in them. But sometimes they can tell us something, like a prediction.