ZHANG ZHI: Our apartment lies on the second floor. It has three rooms: a living room and two bedrooms. If you stand in the middle of the living room, you can see inside the two bedrooms.
    In my dream, my mother, my elder sister and I had been playing outside. Then we went back home. When we entered the living room, we saw a thief. He was standing at my wardrobe. He was wearing a black jacket and grey trousers, his hair was short and black, he was rather skinny and of short stature. He was looking for valuable things.
    I got very nervous because I thought he had found something. I shouted: “There’s a thief, hold him!” He heard it and started climbing out of the window that’s right next to the wardrobe. He didn’t take anything with him. Then I woke up. I was very scared.
    Three or four days later, my mum was watching TV on the sofa late at night because she couldn’t sleep. The door of our apartment has a mosquito net but it doesn’t have any protection against burglars. That night, a thief came and tried to open the door. My mum noticed him and scared him away. So my dream actually came true a few days later. That’s very strange.
    I’m 20 years old and come from the province of Hunan. My name is Zhang Zhi. I’ve been living here for four years now. I’m working in a clothing shop. I’ve been working there for three years but now my contract is about to expire. Today is my day off. I’m living in a residential area. It’s a pretty safe neighbourhood; at least I think it is. Before I moved here, I didn’t dare to sleep alone. And when this dream of mine came true, I felt scared again at night. But it’s much better now.
    Actually there are many security guards in this neighbourhood. They are patrolling the streets at night. That’s because many rich people live here. Maybe I heard too many stories about robberies and that’s why I had this dream.