WANG WEI PU is a young father. When he thinks back to his own youth, images return of himself as a young boy sitting in the front seat of the bike of his father, ordered by his father to count from 1 to 100.
    ZHONG JIAN SHEN comes from Hunan. This old skilled woodcarver works in a factory in one of the suburbs of Beijing. During nighttime his master teaches him how to carve a dragon, how to carve its claws.
    XIAO YING was working in a jewellery factory in Guangzhou, but she got fired. She had complained to her employer because he didn’t want to pay social security for her. Now he recognize that it was wrong.
    LIN XIAO Ping grew up in a poor family, so when somebody else gained something, she wants it, too. She even feels bad when she’s driving in her car behind somebody else, so she overtakes everyone.
    QING YUN is a monk from Hubei. Always when he climbs up the stairs of a high building, the stairs are broken. These stairways look like ruins, but he always reaches the top. That makes him feel very honoured.
    MU XIANG MEI used to go every morning to her primary school in Sichuan. On her way there, she saw many places where children were playing and having fun. She thought that her school was a little boring.
    XU HAI YUAN went back to her hometown in the province of Guangdong. He had earned a lot of money in the jewellery factory and her live has got much better. She felt so happy that she had wings and could fly.
    HUANG CHUN Fang grew up in a village in the countryside. Her economic situation was not very good. Once she saw that her brother was eating something without leaving anything for their parents.
    WANG GUANG MING wrote a poem last winter. This manager from Chongqing started with a character and he made a riddle for it. It turned into a poem. He felt it was a nice poem, very delicate, clear and precise.