QING SHEN JIANG is an old porter who is working in Chongqing. During the period that China was putting a lot of energy into developing high technology, he created an airplane made out of a diesel engine.
    PENG XIN MING had once her own company in Guangzhou. She went to the factory in order to talk to her employees. They were talking in a very open and democratic way. She felt very close to the employees.
    CHEN LIN works from nine to five every day and she finds her job boring. There are some rules in her factory in Guangzhou that she thinks are unfair. But if she wants to keep the job, she has to keep working.
    HE XI HONG has two sons and one daughter. During the last 20 years he and his wife worked in Shenzhen, their children stayed in Jiangxi. His desire was that his youngest son was admitted to a very good university.
    LIU JIANG nearly had finished his medical studies when he decided to become a businessman in Changsha. That day it was raining and water was dripping down from the ceiling on his head.
    ZHANG BO was driving with his girlfriend in her father’s new Audi Q7. Suddenly, around Xinhua Street in the city of Yinchuan, a silver grey car came driving towards them and crashed with the brand new car.
    YU SU FEN grew up in the army and now she works in the army, teaching the soldiers’ children. In her childhood she was attacked by Japanese battle planes when she was walking in a wild, open grassland.
    SUN QUN Lan is a nurse from Changsha. She used to dance International Ballroom dances with a male partner. She was the protagonist and there were lots of flashlights directed on the stage, she felt great.
    LI YANG her family is the centre of her life. Her husband is working in another province, on the coast. She’s about 70% satisfied with her life. If her son has a successful life, then she will be 90% satisfied.