LIU JIA TIAN is an art student from Xi’an. She used to live together with her boyfriend. She was so in love with him. But suddenly, she took a knife out of a drawer and without hesitating she cut his throat.
    GAO FEI looked once after a little boy from Henan who had a severe illness. One day the little boy grabbed his hand and told him that there was a man who told him to follow. The boy didn’t want to go.
    ZHANG JIAN TING his father had an accident when he was in high school. He saw how some people were chasing his father in a bulldozer. His father had been injured. He felt it was impossible to stop the machine.
    YANG REN BIN started to work in a factory in Haifeng in 1993 as a carver. There was always a lot of dust in the factory and he got silicosis. Now he only wants to get compensation and share it with his family.
    YANG LI LIAN has been living in Chongqing for all her life. A short time ago, there was an old lady standing on the stairs in front of her house. She was very thin and her clothes were rather shabby.
    ZHANG QIANG from Henan went on strike for higher wages some time ago. That made her think about many things; the greedy bosses for example. Her opinion is that she should strive to be better them.
    CHEN XIAO LI her great-grandfather was more than 80 when he passed away. He was buried in her back yard and somebody dug him out. He was still breathing, so they took him home and attended to him nice.
    CHEN REN WEI is a paediatrician from Changsha. Last year he got a beautiful child. Everybody thought his wife was going to have a boy. But he already knew that it would be a daughter.
    BAO ZHU comes from a small village where houses are made of mud. One night her father was waving a fan at her. At once he started waving faster and she could hardly breathe anymore. She told him to stop.