GU JUN YUE was working in a factory in Shenzhen when his machine injured his hand. After the operation he spend a week in the hospital where during one night his hand completely disappeared.
    ZHANG DAO XIN was part of a fight between two groups of people in Hubei, one group were all dressed in black, the other in white. At one point he was captured by the other group and sentenced to death.
    XING WEN is an art student from Xi’an. One day she was walking in the street, all alone. There was a big machine, it was working. She came to sit underneath the machine. She just sat there staring at the street.
    WANG FENG PING works at battery factory. Every time she goes back to her hometown, she loses her way and everything gets dark. Like many workers from her factory she is affected with cadmium poisoning.
    LIANG JIAN GUO met, after he had an accident at work, his mother with two four feet tall giants. The giants said they didn’t want him anymore, they would leave, and his mother also said she would leave him.
    XIA SHA was born in a small town in Sichuan. Her life is quite ordinary, like the life of most people who were born after the 70’s. But years ago she stayed in a concentration camp, where she got a child.
    XIAN JING is from the province of Hunan and she came to Guangzhou 7 or 8 years ago to find work. Her parents brought her there from her hometown and when they left she felt like a boat without a rudder.
    WU YUN SHAN has his doubts about the lottery industry in China, he always hear that there is something going on there, that they are hiding something. This blind man from Beijing never wins a big prize.
    WANG FENG QIN used to live in the countryside. There was always some heavy fog in her hometown. One evening, on her way back home, she got lost halfway. She couldn’t find her way back.