XIA JIE has been living under pretty bad conditions ever since he was a child. Every time he had the desire to change his situation, there was a lot of shit coming out of the toilet. It was a good sign.
    LONG SHAN was very naughty when she was a child. When her mother was in a bad mood, she would always vent her anger on her. And she was quite often in a bad mood because they had nothing to eat.
    SHEN JUN lived in a house made of bamboo twigs covered with mud. Her family situation was not very good, when she was a child. At that time, she was sleeping under those plastic nets against mosquitoes.
    WANG FU QUAN started working in a jewellery factory in 1995. While working in the factory he got an occupational disease. All the other people from the factory who had the same disease already died.
    WANG JIN LONG his father told him a story after he got lung cancer. A story about a lot of people who travelled without having bought a ticket. Some train guards took them all to a very dark and cold place.
    ZHANG JIE was living in the countryside. She was very tired, she couldn’t lift up anything and she couldn’t move her legs. Life in the countryside was very bitter, she wished she could live in the city.
    YAN LIN SHAN doesn’t work anymore. During the time he had a job, he always went home on a company bus. He knew how to drive the bus and how to move the steering wheel, how to hit the brake, everything.
    SUN WEI WEI from Beijing had a fight with his best friend. His parents always told him not to fight so he stopped fighting and ran away. He was jumping up and down a bit, and then suddenly he was flying.
    MA LI YA lost her first finger in her first year at primary school in Guangdong. In the second year she lost another one. Year by year she lost her fingers. Her classmates made fun of her and her fingers.