DUO DUO is a young woman from Chengdu. Often she sees spaceships flying directly in front of her eyes and doing all sorts of manoeuvres. Inside are beings from different civilizations who are speaking to her.
    XIONG GAO LIN went back to the factory in a hurry because he was afraid that they would fire him. He wanted to buy a train ticket but all the trains were sold out. So in the end he took a dangerous coach.
    HE YAN QING is back in his hometown in Jiangxi, a quiet village. Far away from the hectic Shenzhen, where he used to work. In his village, there are many buffalos, ships, friends and above all his relatives.
    LUO JING is from the province of Chongqing. For her it is difficult to get used to living in Guangdong. In Guangdong it’s too hot to eat the spicy food from her hometown, like spicy hotpot or spicy boiled fish.
    LIU FU QIANG has a translation company in Xi’an. When he doesn’t work he likes to wander around in the mountains with one of those 75-litre backpacks. It costs 2400 RMB, that’s more than he can afford.
    WANG YAN JUN works for an insurance company in Taiyuan. It’s not exactly a relaxed job. Sometimes he gets out of his body and floats around the house, through all the different rooms.
    HU BING was a child when a factory took over the land where her family was living because the city was expanding. It was a sugar factory and they let the people who had lost their land work in the factory.
    FENG XIAO LEI is from Shandong. The mother of her friend is originally from Sichuan. She came to Shandong because at that time, everyone said that it was a better place than Sichuan.
    LIU WEI BIN was a casual worker before he lost his sight thirty years ago. Once he went to climb a mountain at the Summer Palace, his legs got really tired but in the end he reached the top.