TANG XIN works in a mortuary in Taiyuan. During last spring a former alive girl stayed some days in the cold chamber. The young girl, who had jumped off a building, was smiling and waiving her hand to him.
    WANG KAI from Henan lost one of his hands. It just sort of broke off at the wrist. He wondered how he would ever be able to play the guitar again. He realized that his hand was very important for him.
    ZHAO KUI lives in Dawukou. Last summer he saw a small red spot in the sky. It was a dark red spot, like a drop of blood. The red spot started expanding and rotating. It grew bigger and bigger.
    WEN PEI GUO was about 3 years old when he felt into a pit outside a park in Chongqing. An old red guard was standing besides the pit and told him that if he didn’t listen to Chairman Mao, she wouldn’t save him.
    XIAO JUN is a teenager from Henan who left his hometown in order to work in a factory. One day, he was in a suburban train of Guangzhou, he saw outside a pheasant flying over the meadow.
    SU XIAO DONG was in the Dongqi middle school in Sichuan when the earthquake took place. He was there on an isolated island together with some of his classmates. Finally there was a big ship.
    LAN YA works for a light industry company in Chongqing that used to be located at the river. But now her office is on the top floor of the production plant close to passing by airplanes.
    YANG YANG her family suffered a huge blow, four of her relatives died. During the cremation of her sister, when they were just about to push the coffin into the fire, her sister suddenly stuck out her hand.
    ZHANG ZHI is a young girl from Hunan. Her apartment in Guangzhou has three rooms: a living room and two bedrooms. One day she came back home and she saw a thief. He was wearing a black jacket.