FANG WEN JIE: I had a very impressive dream, the most impressive one I ever had. Actually I dreamt it several times and every time it has to do with Mount Helan. In the dream I was walking but I didn’t know where I wanted to go. It was a strange day; I was pretty tired and upset. I was walking on an old road, when I lived in Yuanlinchang I used to walk on this road many times. After walking for a while, I arrived at the foot of Mount Helan. There is a memorial park at the foot of the mountain, with lots of graves. I saw the graves while I was walking towards the mountain. I was thinking, “Don’t step on the graves!” but I managed to arrive at the mountain foot without stepping on them.
    Then I saw something like a warehouse, maybe it was a warehouse. It had the size of a garage and was made of stone or cement. It seemed there was no door but I could hear people inside, it sounded as if they were talking, holding a conference or something like that. I got curious and wanted to know what they were doing, so I peeked inside. I was able to stick my head through some hole but my body wouldn’t fit through. I looked inside, there were a lot of people and there was a dim light coming out from among them. I felt a bit dizzy and I tried to get closer but suddenly I realized that this was not right, I shouldn’t be at this place and I should leave as soon as possible. But it wasn’t easy to get out of there, somehow I felt that someone was trying to stop me, or some force that was trying to hold me back, but as soon as I felt a bit more energy I tried to leave. Finally I managed to get out and I felt that something was not going right. I woke up all sweaty. That’s the dream.
    My other dreams are more or less the same, just in different places. Once I dreamt I was walking on the road next to the Wudang temple, and the longer I walked the stranger I felt, so I turned back. My dreams are more or less similar to each other. But one detail is that when I walk towards these places, I always walk faster than on the way back.
    Building a career is quite difficult because there aren’t many good jobs. Most families here are living under conditions that are not so good. I’m working for a school and I’m on the lowest level of the school hierarchy. All the work I do is of the lowest level, it’s very tiresome and there is a huge amount of work to do. I often feel tired and upset and my job isn’t very well paid, either. I guess pressure is something that everyone feels, but still we have to work, it doesn’t matter if you do the work or if somebody else does it. And when you’re paid by the government, your work must be the best. It’s not like in other places where you can change your work any time. Well, my life is really simple, the simplest life one can have, just two points and one line, or three points and one line.