XU JI LIANG: Yesterday, I had a strange dream. I don’t remember how it started. There was a stool, which was about half a meter high, and there was a bowl of rice on top of it. I accidentally knocked over the rice bowl, and when I tried to turn around to catch it, I also knocked over the stool. Then my grandmother and the other older members of my family came and started to scold me, one after the other. When they finished, I felt very bad and dejected, so much so that I woke up. Today in the office, just after lunch, my boss called me to his office and criticized me for something I had done. I felt really bad afterwards.
    Once I dreamt that I was going to school. The teacher asked me something, I knew the answer but I couldn’t say anything because I was so nervous. Then I woke up. But the day after that dream, I was in a really good mood. Also, many of my friends and relatives called me that day.
    I like to buy lottery tickets. Once I dreamt that I bought a lottery ticket and won five million RMB. Somebody told me where I had to go to get the money. I remember that situation very well. I went to get the money and the accountant gave me a check over 4 million RMB and the rest in 100-RMB bills. I put all the money in my pocket. I felt a little dizzy when I woke up, as if I were still dreaming. Later I went to work and the same day I cut my hand with a saw. I can’t remember any other dreams.
    I spend my days like this: I wake up in the morning, sometimes I go for a run for about half an hour, then I have breakfast. I wash my face and brush my teeth, then I go to work. At noon, I have lunch. I work until the evening, then I have dinner. That’s it. We don’t usually have to work overtime, so my friends and I can go to play table tennis after dinner, or go shopping, or to the internet café. There’s also a skating rink close to our work place and sometimes we go there. Recently, at the migratory workers association, they opened a law course for migratory workers. I like the classes so I always go there. They also have a library, which has long opening hours, that’s where I spend much of my spare time. I often stay there until 10 p.m., then I go to sleep. Often on my way back from the library I find that the gate to our residence hall is already closed, so I have to climb over the wall. That’s how I spend my days. I work in the morning and in the afternoon, the rest of the time is for myself. I can choose how to spend my time, I can get entertainment if I want to, but actually I spend most of my spare time in the library.