A JIAN goes often to some factory for a job interview. Usually there’s a girl who asks him to fill in a form, then she takes his ID card, goes to another office and comes back to tell him that he’s on the black list.
    LI LIU SHENG returned to Jiangxi, tired of being a ’three lack’ person, a migrant worker without a residence permit, a work permit and an identity card. He went back to plough his fields, to built a house.
    HAO FEN FANG is a farmer. The people who managed the land she is working on decided to give her only 75 kilos of food supplies per year. Out of protest she stopped working after which she got beaten.
    LI MAO RONG is always taking an exam, like a college entry exam or a test at the company that she works for. She is always sitting in a classroom taking the exam, but she never can answers the questions.
    ZHANG HUI JUAN is an office lady from Xi’an. One morning, after she had spent the night in the office to do some work; she was robbed by three young teenagers on her way back to the dormitory.
    XU JI LIANG knocked over the rice bowl yesterday. His grandmother and the other older members of his family came and started to scold him. When they finished, he felt very bad and dejected.
    SHA HUI was 10 years ago walking in the open countryside. After a while she reached a lake. She doesn’t know how she crossed the lake because there was no boat, she just passed through the reed.
    FANG WEN JIE is working for a school in Dawukou. All the work he does is of the lowest level. His life is really simple, the simplest life one can have, just two points and one line, or three points and one line.
    ZHANG XIAO JING is a student from Guangzhou. She has a lot of problems with vampires who are chasing her and her friends. But these friends doesn’t care about her, they just want to save themselves first.