LAN YA: I work for a light industry company. The company facilities used to be located at the river Jialing, where it meets the Yangtze. I live in Chongqing. Due to the expansion of the city, our company had to move further away, so now we are located close to the airport. The new company buildings are not finished yet, my office is on the top floor of the production plant.
    Working there feels like being close to the sky. I see airplanes starting and landing all the time. I look at them with different eyes now, they seem bigger than before, as big as cars or trucks. And I always worry that one of them might crash and fall on our factory. I wonder if our factory could withstand that. Would the plane hit me? I worry about this every day.
    One night, I dreamt I was at work, it was a nice and sunny day. I climbed up to the top of the building and stepped out on the rooftop. Then I say an airplane falling down from the sky. I got scared and I woke up.
    I was born in Chongqing and I’ve always been living there. I like doing things as best as I can. I remember when I was in primary school, I would cry if I didn’t get the highest mark in an exam, even I was only one point below the full score. I did well in middle school and high school. I always push myself to do things as best as I can. I think this is my personality, I’m a perfectionist.
    I often dream about taking exams, and usually something goes wrong in the dream. For example, I cannot find my pen, the pen runs out of ink, I forgot to bring paper, or the calculator is out of battery. I have such dreams quite frequently and I always feel tired when I wake up from them. I also have some wonderful dreams, I dream about travelling and seeing beautiful landscapes in nice weather. Those dreams make me unspeakably happy, it’s a happiness that money can’t buy. Those are the things that I usually dream about.