CHEN LIN: I work from nine to five every day and I find my job pretty boring. It’s not a difficult job, but sometimes I feel a little helpless. There are some rules in the factory that I think are unfair. But if you want to keep the job, you have to keep working.
    Now we’re going through an economic depression, sometimes we only have work for two weeks within a month. I started working at this factory after graduating from middle school, and I’ve been working here ever since. It’s been five years now. When I work hard during the day and I get home very tired, I usually dream a lot. Sometimes I’m still exhausted when I wake up in the morning and I don’t remember anything about what I dreamt. Sometimes I have very funny dreams; sometimes I dream that somebody is chasing me.
    Maybe it’s because I used to watch TV a lot, or maybe it’s because I’m starting to feel bad about my job, but sometimes I have very strange dreams. For example, some time ago I dreamt I was a policeman and I was investigating a gang of drug dealers. It was quite a big gang. Every time I caught them in some illegal operation, they started discussing with me. It seems they had some kind of connection to the government so I couldn’t do anything against them. Then I investigated this with some other colleagues, and in the end we found out that our own boss had a connection with this gang, but we couldn’t prove it. I went to talk to my boss but he threatened me and said I couldn’t do anything against him because I had no proof. That made me very angry, I got into a rage and I took a gun and shot him. So I ended up committing a crime myself.
    I found this dream very strange; I couldn’t believe I had dreamt something like that. I never wanted to be a policeman, and now I dreamt of being one.